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An E-learning Platform Designed to Understand Your Brain and Make you Study and Remember Faster is Now Launching on Indiegogo

Education is the one part of life that can scale your life to heights never known before. You can travel more, you are exposed to more information than the average uneducated person, you get exposed to more life experiences, and in most instances, you earn a living from your education after getting a job. Well, that huge part of life has continued to face two major issues:

  1. Inefficiency — You go through school and get too educated, too informed, too knowledgeable. Yet you only sit a 2-3 hour exam in most cases when you get to utilize the information acquired. After every phase of school, there is an examination set, based mostly on a quarter of the information you learnt. The ssystem makes it such that you only get to remember so little of all the information you acquired. The way education is currently structured means your brain has to store most of the information it gets, and yet it stores so little of it.

MemoZing is an AI-powered e-learning platform for both students and teachers that inverts the forgetting curve to ensure you never forget what you learn, and that you get to learn faster for cheaper. Acquiring new knowledge should be easier, faster, more engaging and leading to better results through enhanced memorizing of newly received information.

MemoZing has been successfully tried at a German University. Students usually took months to learn a subject and get ready for an exam. With MemoZing’s method, they learned 300 knowledge units in just one week.

They took the exam almost instantly and more than 60% correctly answered at least 95% of the questions. This was a major breakthrough that proved that this method, using cognitive psychology-based brain hacks, and making newly acquired knowledge easier, more engaging and far more efficient, can make the learning experience much faster and more efficient.

The factor of inverting the forgetting curve with an AI-powered e-learning platform that uses precisely calculated repetitions to make knowledge transition from the short-term memory to the long-term memory is nothing short of ground-breaking.

Memozing is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo so that it can bring this method to the world to accelerate learning, and improve the efficiency of the current education system all while ensuring that it doesn’t put students’ future livelihoods at stake with more debt and student loans.

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