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Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo and one of the most influential entrepreneurs in recent years. Interestingly, Kagan was also one of the very first employees at Facebook and arguably the highest profile figure to be fired from his role at the social media company.

At the same time, there were many mistakes and reasons for his departure and Noah has most certainly made up for this with some incredibly impressive results. Most of this success can be attributed to savvy marketing and clever advertising strategies.

In this article, we look at some unique marketing strategies from Noah Kagan and advertising techniques that have enabled the guru to stay ahead of the curve.

What Noah Kagan Thinks About Social Media Marketing and Advertising

But how can you spot these trends and implement the right strategies?

Instead of hoping and taking chances, Kagan encourages people to consume marketing and advertising guides. More specifically, it’s just as important to take a scientific and systematic approach to marketing in particular which brings me to the first piece of advice by Noah Kagan.

1. Noah Kagan on Which Social Media Platforms to Use

That’s not to say marketers should use every platform available but rather to explain that Kagan believes in diversity. What’s more, it’s important to master the type of content that performs well on these platforms and know the target market before posting anything at all.

Aside from the actual content, Noah likes to focus on context for his social media marketing and advertising efforts. That is to say, even the most valuable content is limited when the context is wrong. As if that’s not enough, you need to master hashtags in order to increase the reach on most social media platforms and this is especially true on Twitter in recent years.

Either way, it’s essential to monitor the amount of interaction and conversation on each social media network and ensure that people are paying attention to content on a regular basis. Facebook’s new algorithm means hat you have to spend some money on the platform to get qualitative views and impressions from both your followers and new eyes. However, Pressfarm’s Facebook advertising package and experience should help you quickly set up your ads on the platform so that you can start collecting some much needed data.

2. Taking a Scientific and Systematic Approach to Marketing

As a result, a scientific and systematic approach enables marketers to run tests and make decisions which have a higher probability of working in their favour. Having trackable social media signals will help you craft your objectives for the campaigns.

3. Creating Valuable Content That People Will Actually Miss

For this reason, you should know that Noah advises content creators to create useful content that entertains. Also, Noah says that the content on which he spends most time is always the content that performs the best and so long-form content is usually the most effective.

That being said, the main point in here is that creators should spend ample time on their content creation and ensure the quality is not affected by the quantity on show. Start by creating very attractive and marketable headlines; not clickbait but quality headlines and proceed to the body of your content.

Here are some tips to help you craft the best titles for your content: 5 Proven Strategies for Writing Better Content Marketing Headlines

4. Using Referral Programs for More Accurate Marketing

While there are many factors and elements to consider for any such referral program, the above mentioned scientific and systematic approach is always beneficial in terms of accuracy.

5. Why Marketers Should Work Backward Toward Objectives

Now, that’s not to say marketing or advertising is just about experimenting but rather to outline the first step that this process has in common with scientific experiments.

Knowing the overall objective will enable one to create smaller steps and a clear path toward this end goal. Kagan also recommends using the AARRR funnel which can help businesses have a much greater impact in marketing and advertising.

6. About Setting Marketing and Advertising Goals

Acquisition — Generating traffic is one of the most difficult aspects for markets but either way, increasing direct traffic, referrals and click-through-rates is essential. Simply it, without focusing on this first step, there is no way to have an impact on a target market. At the same time, it’s just as crucial to have attractive ads in order to entice clicks and action from these visitors.

Activation — If you attain a high conversion rate, you might want to request visitors to sign up for an account on your website. You can also turn these visitors into email subscribers and work on reducing the ‘bounce rate’ for whatever users are not sticking around in the first place.

Retention — As you might have guessed, retention focuses on encouraging users or visitors to come back to your website. In short, the more a user comes back, the longer they are also likely to stay.

Revenue — Reducing the abandonment rate of the cart page is often important and this is especially tree when the rate is high. At the same time, improving products or tweaking price plans can increase revenue, while creating repeat customers is a great way to improve cash flow in general.

Referral — Are your customers telling people about your business? Referrals can be invaluable to any business and this also applies to social media. That is to say, likes and shares on Facebook, Instagram Twitter etc can increase the reach and awareness of your brand.

7. Decision Values through Hypothesis

A hypothesis is essentially a calculated guess which uses data and research to reduce the risk of failure. On the other hand, business often need to rely on previous experience when they cannot access the relevant data and information.

For example, when advertising on a popular platform, you could ask the research team to gather advertising metrics such as conversation or click-through rates that might be associated with similar products or businesses in the same industry.

8. How to Achieve and Measure Results Using the SMART Acronym

It’s true, various websites and tools can assist with social media marketing and advertising but without the following strategy, many of these tools are not very useful at all.

Specific — Every goal should be ultra-specific and outline the precise numbers or details associated with the overall objective. For instance, if you want to attain a $500k annual turnover, it’s important to break this number down into smaller numbers over the weeks and months of each year.

Measurable — You will need to measure the extent of progress of every marketing or advertising effort. In this sense, you should be able to know when things are not going to plan and then take action in order to get everything back on track. If turnover is $200k midway through the year, you will need to adjust the projected earnings for the final six months in order to reach the $500k target.

Assignable — Who will be responsible for achieving every result in the marketing or advertising plan? You should always know precisely which individuals will take care of every aspect of the plan.

Realistic — When you set or adjust targets, the numbers need to be attainable. Without realistic projections or targets, the business will have a hard time living up to its reputation. After all, every business will only have so many resources or capabilities.

Time — It’s important to place a very specific time on the overall objective and smaller tasks which will help achieve this goal. As a rule, 30–60 days is a good time frame for smalle tasks and working backwards from the solution is often a better way to set this time frame/s.

When it comes to this concept, your best bet is to try Google Ads. The Google Ads platform gives you a very good SMART proposition where you get to set Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time based goals for your campaigns in order to get some data to start tweaking and improving on to improve your results. Pressfarm offers a Google Ads setup package that you can take advantage of due to the team’s experience. You will get high quality data from the onset and you can continue to grow from there with your click-through rates increasing and your spending reducing as you tweak the campaigns.

9. Careful Planning and Expecting the Unexpected

10. But Also Do More and Plan Less

On the other hand, Noah also believes that there is never any one solution to a problem and that failing is often a much safer bet in terms of figuring out what that solution might be.

Final Thoughts

Originally published at on October 21, 2019.

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