Best Tips for Creating a Startup PR Road Map (Free Template Included)

1. Goal Setting

2. Create a Plan

3. Make a Plan for Changes

4. Start Planning Backwards

5. Stay Ahead of Schedules

6. Team Participation

7. Backup Copy

Food for Thought

Startup PR Roadmap Template

  • Edit, save and download photos and videos for the previous year’s events
  • Share photos and videos that highlight the employees and relevant stakeholders on social media and blogs
  • Cover story — All major industry shows. Key industry executive talk about the creative insights they would be implementing with their teams.
  • Sales and media report
  • Company updates. The management shares the goals for the company on social media platforms. They incorporate future prospects and what things have been and what can be learnt.
  • Boldfaced listings throughout the printed version
  • Featured supplier listings on the buyer’s guide
  • See our ad on page. Provides enough information for the viewers to get a feel of what products are being offered and why they should use it
  • Brainstorm ideas for future events
  • Create a full page color print ad of the best product for sale and list others on ad
  • Share a blog post. Feature latest news for the industry on the company’s blog
  • Sales and media report
  • Local news program and national magazine feature on ‘America’s most promising companies’ to demonstrate innovative thinking and strong determination of the movers and shakers.
  • Workshop and webinars for entrepreneurs in the country to identify the most influential individuals in their industry.
  • Grow the list of reporters, bloggers and social media influencers. The list should contain the contact details of their publications and reporters who pertain to the industry. They should be organized in a manner as to how valuable they are in terms of reaching the target audience.
  • Set up an auto responder on website to respond to sales inquiries
  • Upload presentation videos to social media channels
  • Update and create a new list of influential reporters, journalists, bloggers and social media influencers. The media list is revised in order to build a database of key reporters.
  • Market reports for retail and service
  • Make a speech and give comments on the industry and trade blogs.
  • Maintain media partnerships
  • Negotiate for Ads, editorials, interviews and onsite coverage
  • Marketing to digital marketing and SEO
  • Publish press release on future partnerships, suppliers, community involvement and impact, and new event feature
  • Live stream video broadcast and magazine feature on ‘How I got started’. The story provides customers with a better insight into what the company is and why that particular industry was chosen.
  • Launching of new product
  • Prepare the media for product launch
  • Display ad to attract local customers and businesses
  • Speaking opportunity — Lessons and startup sales from big entrepreneurs who were once startups themselves
  • Sales and media report
  • More invitations and follow ups are conducted. Necessary arrangements are made for informal meetings to discuss the outlook for the company and the industry.
  • Prepare reporter friendlies for product launch
  • Set up a meeting
  • Respond to calls, queries, and emails from the media
  • Incorporate a video and photo coverage
  • Trade shows and partner events to share thoughts and give opinions on current news for the industry
  • Post pre-campaign teasers
  • Share a blog post
  • Sales and media report
  • During this month, the company features all holidays on its local calendar, and sets out the goals and objectives to be achieved throughout the year. The company is also committed to introduce a new produce in its portfolio and releases demos for the same. The essence of the PR is to pitch the media and the foundation for any PR program is to develop a solid media list. Once the list is created, time is scheduled on the calendar for media outreach. Each reporter is then contacted to introduce the company.
  • Feature all festivities and holidays on the local calendar
  • Develop PR prospects and goals for the year
  • Speech — Why social media is mandatory for startups success, bold ways to stand out and many more
  • Company updates
  • Marketing ideas and upcoming events
  • Ads for an upcoming seminar and reporter meetings
  • Set up media meetings
  • Make phone calls and send emails to reporters to confirm their participation
  • Capture contact information, schedule and meeting venue for pre-arranged meetings and interviews
  • Prepare product launch materials
  • Get approval for product launch materials
  • Sales and media report
  • Featured story in industry trade magazine. Features a testimonial from the founder’s early stages in career
  • Sponsorship for an event in Las Vegas
  • International conference meeting in New York
  • Press conference to announce the new managing director
  • Our Chief PR Officer makes a speech in Europe on the key strengths of the PR industry.
  • Event report and photos
  • Share community content
  • Press release on new product launch
  • New and emerging tech conference
  • Post a link to content from a blog with short update
  • Share a promotional product, discounts, and freebies
  • Remind people to join the company’s mailing list and the benefits derived if they do



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