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The Importance of PR and Marketing for a Kickstarter Campaign

a). Peak Design

b). Pebble

Approaching PR and Marketing for a Kickstarter Project

10 Important Steps for PR and Marketing for a Kickstarter Campaign

1. Focusing on the Most Productive Route

2. Identifying the Most Suitable PR and Marketing Channels

3. Focusing on Relevance

4. Finding the Most Relevant Bloggers

5. Evaluating the Influence

6. Establishing relationships through Social Media

7. Compiling a Media List

8. Creating Meaningful Relationships with Bloggers

9. Producing a Concise Brief for Contacts

10. The Initial Launch and Activating Your Personal Network

The Importance of Your Personal Network

  1. Ask friends and family for advice on the product or company related issues in the run-up to the launch. In this sense, they are more likely to feel compelled to have some input.
  2. Show friends prototypes or secret insights into the product prior to going public.
  3. Invite friends to the launch party and produce a speech in which you ask them to help get the campaign off the ground. Interestingly, those who back the project from the very beginning are often the greatest advocates and supporters in the long term.




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