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Elementary3 Scalp & Hair Care Line Tackling Itchy Scalp from Trichotillomania

This week we caught up with Alexis Hill, the founder of Elementary3 with an inspiring story about how the company started, and what problems they are tackling.

Trichotillomania is a problem facing many people around the world. Alexis’ granddaughter happened to be one of the people suffering from this condition. For five years, Alexis tried various solutions and when the others failed, she created her own solution that works.

Catch our discussion below:

1. Could you provide more details about trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is a body-focused repetitive behavior which involves pulling out one’s hair — most commonly from the scalp.

Frequently found in women, it’s estimated nationally that one to two percent of adults and adolescents suffer from the disorder.

2. What are some common treatments and why do they fail?

These are fail safes, just another way to cope with this disorder.

  • There are many support groups across the country that offer aids such as partnering with another trichotillomania clients to cope.
  • Cover ups are a great way to hide this condition such as bandanas or even wigs which can get pretty expensive.
  • Haircuts are another way to hide bald spots from this disorder, we have a system called the 3Bs Hair Detector Selector due the severity of this disorder on which haircut to choose.

3. Why does your product work better?

Our Lubricator-too acts as a moisturizer and moistens the hair which makes it really hard to pull out your hair since it will be wet/slippery. All other products help transition the new growth with a clean and soothing scalp, a good foundation for a healthy head of hair with the right diet.

4. Do you have any success stories that you can discuss in detail?

My granddaughter is the benchmark for our success as we promote our product to trichotillomania salons for their clients.

Here is her story:

“Hi my name is Norah, I found out that I suffered from a disorder called Trichotillomania — an urge to pull out my hair.

I didn’t know much about it except that I was like 2% of the population. My scalp felt dry, rough and irritated, and my hair was damaged from the pulling.

One day my grandma created a crème that helped moisturize and soothe my scalp. Because I had bald spots on my head, I ended up with a buzz cut.

My new growth was cared for with my grandma’s other creations that soon followed. My grandma turned to my hero!!

Join me in using my grandma’s scalp & hair system the best answer for clean, soft and protected scalp & hair!

Mix match products helps leave the scalp and hair feeling and looking great after use.”

5. Could you describe the medical aspect in more detail?

Since the cause of trichotillomania is unclear, this disorder is still being studied and probably results from a combination of environmental factors.

6. Could you discuss the quality of the product in more detail as compared to what is existing in the market?

Our products are derived from a blend of onion/honey. Onion is known to treat hair loss and honey acts as a humectant to keep moisture in the hair. All other products on the markets are medicated with side effects that dries the scalp and make hair brittle causing breakage.

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