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Failure TV Inspires Entrepreneurs to Embrace Failure as Part of Growth — Pressfarm

Kray Mitchell, at a conference about failure spoke to lots of people and there was one major realization: that people were hesitant to venture into their dreams because they were afraid they would fail. At that conference, it struck Kray that so many people have refused to chase their dreams and are living second-choice lives because of the fear of failure. It felt like a no-brainer for him to find ways to encourage anybody to go for their dream thing with confidence that even if it were to fail, it would still be progressive growth and a part of the journey.


Every human being at every point in life has failed at least once. There is no way to go through life without ever once failing in something even if it were a tiny sprint or a short test. For Kray, he tells has, he is not an excemption to failures, “In my own life, there are too many to recollect.”


Like many people, there is something that shapes who you become. It shapes what you do and how you do it. Companies and startups are no exceptions. The company cultures we see from day to day in every industry, and the people we all grow to become have been shaped by so many things in our surrounding.


The people that conquer their fears and especially the fear of failure have some commonaliies. There are differentiating factors that determine whether someone rises up from failure or drowns in it.


“Good question, I am never too sure what all to expect!” exclaims Kray.


“Everybody that I have talked to have their own unique stories, and everybody has been amazing.”

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