Founder & CEO of Netflix, Reed Hastings, Definitive Startup Guide for Successful Entrepreneurs — Pressfarm

1. Make few decisions

2. Stay ahead of the competition

3. Culture is critical

4. You don’t have to be an Elon Musk or Steve Jobs

5. Develop demonstrable values

  • Judgement — making wise decisions, identifying root causes, getting beyond treating symptoms, articulating what they were trying to do, smartly separating what can be done well now and what can be improved later.
  • Communication — listening well so you can better understand rather than reacting fast, concise and articulate in speech and writing, treating people with respect in spite of their status or disagreements with you and maintaining a calm poise in stressful situations.
  • Impact — accomplishing amazing amounts of important work, demonstrating consistently strong performance so colleagues rely on you, focusing on great results rather than processes, exhibiting bias-to-action and avoiding analysis-paralysis.
  • Curiosity — learning rapidly and eagerly, seeking to understand strategy, market, customers, and suppliers, broadly knowledgeable about business, technology and entertainment and contributing effectively outside of your specialty.
  • Innovation — re-conceptualizing issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems, challenging prevailing assumptions when warranted and providing suggestions, creating new ideas that prove useful, keeping the company nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify.

6. Be honest



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