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Genuine Healthy Coffee Founder on Startup Transparency Creating Shift in Coffee Consumption — Pressfarm

Jacob Varghese has always been concerned about health. With a background of over 30 years in the business of coffee roasting, the coffee world has been an important part of his life.


Jacob delves into the discussion to tell us how Genuine Healthy Coffee came to be. The initial spark came from a chat he had with some friends who are doctors while taking coffee.


Several vitamin coffees never mention who their labs are, and that is very crafty. One thing the company hopes to stand out and build its brand on is their transparency because several companies don’t do that to avoid questions and the costs it would bring to actually source genuine coffee from labs.


As the company diversifies its market base, they are considering going into retail. Already, an Amazon shop is operational.


When a good number of people take coffee, they are mostly never thinking about the nutritional benefits. And Jacob believes that it is bad culture that needs a shift.


It is surprising that millions of people love and take coffee and yet very few of them ever care to find out how it was made. By giving information about their sourcing labs, GENUINE is definitely giving away important, but very needful information nonetheless.


Coffee is going to be here for long periods to come. Centuries even.


As Jacob concludes our chat, he is not just stopping at coffee. There is more.

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