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Growth Hack your Startup’s PR Through Social Media Using These 5 Strategies — Pressfarm

Beginning from the early years of the past decade, social media has come to define how people communicate. It has redefined how brands are built and how companies talk to their customers. Just 10 years ago it was nearly impossible to grow a brand without using television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and proper connections to the media houses and journalists who controlled those spaces. Today you can grow your company immensely without ever needing to appear in any of those channels at all. That is the power of social media. In fact, companies can no longer choose to not be on social media if they want to successfully push their brand name. Those that stay out struggle to communicate with their customers no matter how many TV ads they might show.

1. Influencers

The growth of social media has brought with it a new group of extremely influential people online. These personalities have massive followings on their social media pages. They are known as influencers and they command great loyalty from their fans.

2. Listening

PR teams need to listen more online. There is no chance to slack and feel safe. Someone could be tweeting or posting on Facebook negative reviews and it catches on. If you don’t get ahead of this early enough it could go viral and ruin your brand name. For startups, ruining the brand name before they even start growing can really destroy the young company for good.

3. Influence journalist stories

PR professionals work behind the scenes to shape a brand’s image. In the current age, journalists are always looking for story ideas or opinions from social media to know what people are saying. Trending topics drive readers to articles written by journalists.

4. React to negative press

Managing a crisis like a startup that has already received negative press can be a daunting task. However, due to the presence of social media, companies can move quite fast to release an immediate response on the social media pages in order to explain themselves before things go south.

5. Make announcements

Twitter is the guru of breaking news in social networks. This place makes the news travel fast. Their trending topics section also goes a long way to help with this. If enough people are tweeting about it, then it will be on that section. Companies can leverage the existence of such a platform to make their announcements. There are chances that the announcement picks up with everyone who sees it. This will help the company’s name be out there more.

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