How PR can Generate Credibility for your Cybersecurity Startup — Pressfarm

6 min readSep 8, 2020

Credibility is a key ingredient in the success of any cybersecurity startup. You attract loyal customers and business partners because they trust in your brand. Given the right PR strategy, it’s possible to build a cybersecurity brand which people trust.

What makes cybersecurity PR different?

Cybersecurity PR is different because the industry faces a unique set of challenges. For this reason, the PR strategy you develop should address these challenges.

Most cybersecurity startups face two main challenges:

a) Communicating the importance of cybersecurity

Since cybersecurity is a technical field, so communicating with clients can be challenging. It’s easy to make the mistake of using jargon, therefore alienating clients who don’t understand your message. Many companies also resort to scare tactics, which can leave clients feeling powerless to protect themselves.

Instead of using technical language, you should focus your PR efforts on communicating clearly. Likewise, scare tactics should be replaced with a PR strategy that helps your audience feel empowered to protect themselves.




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