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  • What is a cold email?
  • Key components of writing an email pitch
  • How to write a cold email

What is a cold email?

  • Tailor the message to the recipient
  • Validate itself
  • Focuses on the needs and wants of its audience
  • Stays short, easy, and actionable
  • Is appreciative

Would you like to have experts send for you the cold emails instead? That is where Pressfarm shines. At Pressfarm, we have helped hundreds of clients work on their email pitches, build their media lists and even send out the cold emails for them including follow-ups. Several of our clients have been successfully published in media outlets and industry blogs as a result of this strategy. Talk to us anytime to help out with your campaign.

1) Tailor the message to the recipient

2) Validates itself

3) Focus on what they want or need

4) Keep it short, easy and actionable

5) Be appreciative

Key Components to writing the perfect pitch

  • The body of email is short but personalized
  • The subject line is concise, but able to attract the reporter to open the email
  • Addresses the reporter by name
  • Sent to relevant journalists who write about your topic.
  • If you already have a relationship and ready to pitch a story, you can explain why your press release would be beneficial to their publication
  • Holds an emotional hook for reporters, so they want more information.
  • Don’t use buzzwords

Tips to help your startup get noticed

Time to write

The Pitch Itself

To gain Maximum Impact



If all this is too much work, contact us at Pressfarm and we will take care of your campaign for you.



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