PR Software in 2018: The Ultimate Growth Hacking Guide to 138 PR Tools and Resources

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Understanding the PR toolset that is available will help companies approach PR better, build long-lasting media relations, and adjust the public relations trends of the this tech era.

As the PR industry evolves, so must the tools and techniques in use. Growing disciplines in this field have become critical to an organization’s success in the present day and beyond. In an attempt to drive better results, PR professionals must fully approach link building and outreach with a different toolset, mindset, and skillset. Startups all over the world crave for attention from the media. There are hundreds of pitches to journalists on a daily basis pitching one product or the other. Understanding the PR toolset that is available will help companies approach PR better, build long-lasting media relations, and adjust the public relations trends of the this tech era.

Before looking at the tools available for the PR minds and goals, a brief run-around through the PR process is important.

The PR process can be summarized into a 3-step process: Building a target media list, crafting a solid email pitch, and finally reaching out. Startups should not compromise when it comes to this 3-step process. While the 3-steps can be different articles on their own or part of a long-form PR guide like this one here, we shall briefly delve into each of them.

As far as building your target media list is concerned, the most vital part is understanding your niche, the focus topics, complimentary focus topics, and finally, understanding each and every journalist on a personal level. When you understand a journalist on a deeper level, there is high likelihood your email pitch will reflect that.

Crafting your email pitch should be a more interactive process. You need to write and rewrite it until it feels right. Let the personal or deeper understanding of the journalist’s works be very apparent in your first paragraph to get their attention. The first paragraph of your email pitch is so important that it will see your email deleted, ignored, or replied to at the speed of light.

Finally, send over that email pitch, following it up and so forth. This last step is not mentally intensive as the first two. This is only a matter of hitting send. Wait for a day or two and follow it up if you didn’t get an answer. However, it is always important to consider the time zones and days on which you send the email pitch. Avoid busy day hours, evenings (unless the journalists work in the evenings), or holidays, and weekends. Send your email pitch in the early mornings between 6am to 8am, or during the lunch breaks. Follow it up once or twice and not more.

The PR process does not end there and neither is it limited to journalists. Other important parts of PR include taking charge of your social media, developing a content marketing strategy, creating a PR roadmap, ramping up your SEO efforts, implementing growth hacking strategies, among others things.

Below is a list of 138 PR tools for both big and small organizations and especially startups on a budget. For each tool in the list, I have summarized some key points and features. These resources will help you target relevant reporter’s contacts, identify key social media influencers, create the best PR pitch, stay alert to bigger openings in future, and monitor media coverage.

This is an affordable tool that helps you to access a broad base of journalists to write about your startup. Pressfarm has a database of over 20k journalists with updated contact information. At the price of $18 per month you will get 100 unlock credits to the contacts you need every month. At this plan you also get your startup submitted to 20 startup directories as a one-time offering. However, it is with the larger packages that startups get to experience the true power of Pressfarm. The Launch and Campaign packages both provide more power for startups seeking to generate some press action as compared to the $18 Starter package.

The Launch plan is catered for small businesses that want to generate consistent press, SEO, and growth. At a one-time price of $149, startups get a year-round access to 200 credits for unlocking contact information of 200 journalists per month. Additionally, it includes submission to 35 directories that cater to your company’s niche. Writing an email pitch is one of the most critical points of PR outreach and Pressfarm goes the extra mile in this package by providing their users with a custom email pitch, built out of the experience of pitching to hundreds of journalists along the way. In terms of giving startups a head-start, a target media list of 10 journalists is created for startups in this tier as well as getting the stories of these startups published in the Pressfarm Medium channel that has over 11k followers.

The advantages of taking up the Campaign plan are even much bigger. This plan will cost you a one-time fee of $279. However, the advantages are numerous and way beyond the value of money placed on the tier. This package is built for businesses and startups that are launching a new innovative product or seeking venture capital for growth. The package includes every offering of the Launch plan or an extended version of some features geared towards consistent press, SEO, and creating impact in the media.

You get access to contact information of 500 journalists every month by unlocking them using 500 credits added to your account on a monthly basis. Additionally, the process of directory submission now involves getting your company heard in over 50 directories.

Startups struggle with finding a story angle for their email pitches. Aside from helping you craft your email pitch, Pressfarm works with you to figure out which story angle would be the best for the journalists you would like to reach out to. After studying your startup and understanding what it offers, a list of 15 targeted journalists is created by Pressfarm’s dedicated researchers and editors. As you continue to unlock your own list on the platform’s database, you can begin reaching out to journalists by contacting the 15 reporters provided on your target media list.

One of the most important aspects of this Campaign package is the opportunity to get your story told on the Pressfarm blog that sees thousands of visits every day. The company will conduct an interview with you, and do an original feature length article of up to 1100 words. This story will be shared with Pressfarm’s 180k social media fans. Additionally, the story will go out during the week to the company’s newsletter that has over 8k contacts.

The largest package is the best value for money given the features of the package. For startups on a budget, the middle tier will do. Companies that want to have a monthly access to very few journalists per month and do not require the offerings of the two larger packages can sign up for the recurring monthly tier which is also the smallest package.

This is a social media analytics tool used by journalists, publishers, social media experts, etc.

Pricing: From $5.99

As the PR and marketing communications are increasingly changing, most startups are relying on distributing their content through various earned or owned social platforms to increase brand awareness and drive business impact. Ryan Holiday — Consider Virality, he claims that good formula and virality are key to a business long tern growth and success. As such, AirPR is used to monitor all media platforms. It functions to filter out the media channels such as emails marketing and social promotions.

Pricing: Upon request


BrandsEye provides an accurate sentiments analysis about a product and service. It provides users with historical twitter data which can be used for market research or additional analysis.

Pricing: Depends on keywords used for searches

MixMax is a terrific email tracking service which is a chrome extension in Gmail. It provides more options in the email and allows you to add an interactive poll, slideshows, Q&A’s, etc. using this tool can help you save time trying to schedule meetings and get responses from people.

Yesware is an email tracking tool just like MixMax. YesWare tracks and analyzes emails and tells you who opened the whenever a link was clicked. The tool offers a free trial period and charges $12 per month thereafter. This is a great tool if you choose to target journalists and want to see which reach worked and when you should do a follow-up.

Pricing: Starts at $12 per user per month with free trial

Buzzsumo helps you to study and analyze which content performed best for a given subject so that it is easier to identify reporters and social media influencer to target and promote your content. When using the free trial you are limited to a 10 searches for content.

Pricing: Starts at $79 per month with free trial

Lissted is a free tool that allows you to find reporters and influencers by categories, skills, industry, etc. it identifies what matters to them, searches their social media profiles and sets updates relating to the content.

Pricing: Plans start from $132 per month with a free teir

Mention is one of the best tools for monitoring and providing alerts of what’s trending online with your brand and industry. When you key-in a keyword or a brand, you will get alerts of what’s written about it on online platforms. For PR purposes, it provides you with an avenue to jump in and send comments to a target article.

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month

This is an all-inclusive social media management platform. Sprinklr can handle advertising, marketing, social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Pricing: Upon request

This is a tool from Google that allows you to set alerts relating to the keyword of interest to help you identify the people who are actively developing articles and news. Since Google is able to search the web for content, Google Alerts often picks up relevant influencers that other platforms overlook.

Pricing: Free

WooPitch uses social media channels like LinkedIn and Twitter to gather reporters and influencers contact details and puts them into an easy to use the database.

Pricing: Plans start at $65/month with a free basic tier

This resource provides you with the best introduction to investors, customers, and employers you would like to meet. It helps you find the strongest path of connection from your large network.

Pricing: Free

This resource uses algorithms to understand the opinions from sentences and phrases. It is primarily used to understand the social media intelligence.

Pricing: Upon request

This is a suite of products designed for the contemporary PR monitoring as well as online and print monitoring. It helps to monitor the large amounts of conversations and mine them for insights.

Pricing: Upon request

This software helps you to establish relationships and awareness about your offerings through link building and social media. Using this tool is one of the most effective ways of creating the right contact database that can be categorized in different projects. It is very practical to organize your simultaneous outreach.

Pricing: From $24/month

Justin Wu of CoinCircle.Com — Track product analytics not “marketing channels”. Digimind offers a comprehensive social media analytics data. It monitors the social media platforms, providing you with an idea about what your targets are saying. Surely, this tool saves you from wasting your time and resources on wrong campaigns.

Pricing: Upon Request

Brand24 enables you to get access to online mentions, increase customer satisfaction and sales. You are also able to discover what people say about your products.

Pricing: From $49/month with free trial

As the media environment expands, it is becoming difficult to get your story to receive the attention it deserves but the pressure to show results is much stronger than before. Agility helps you approach influential media, increase messages and measure the outcome.

Pricing: Upon Request

This is a useful contact management system for startups and established businesses. This allows individuals and organizations to connect with people and develop authentic relationships.

Pricing: Free package. Paid plans start at$99/month

Journalisted was designed to make it easier for you to find out about reporters and their content. You can read articles written by a particular journalist and set up notifications to tell you when your favorite journalist has written a new article.

Pricing: Free

PitchRate is an alert service that distributes daily emails that incorporate a wealth of media opportunities. If you want to comment on something, you have to send your pitch via the website.

Pricing: Free

WordPress is easy to use platform with great extensions to assist with everything from comments to SEO. The most common and familiar function in this platform is the calendar feature. It allows you to effectively plan your work months in advance and also weigh in with new ideas.

Pricing: Free

Just like Anymail Finder, Sell Hack is also one of the favorite tools to scour addresses. Two pieces of information are needed to find an email address. When you type in the name and the company of your contact, Sell Hack returns with a valid email address.

Pricing: From $19/month

It is a distribution service that enables clients to increase their online visibility and presence. This is a great tool for getting news to spread swiftly and be seen by the right targets.

Pricing: From $159/month

Marketwired is a press release distribution tool that helps you to build media and influencer lists and monitor performance. It incorporates a feature that allows you to create an online newsroom to store data about a client’s brand.

Pricing: Upon Request

This tool is essential for today’s communications professionals. It offers press release and multimedia distribution, digital newsrooms, social media monitoring services.

Pricing: Free

Brandwatch is used to track and analyze your brand across the social media platform. It provides an avenue for you to highlight the most impactful mentions. Every mention is classified by site so that you can understand the quality of coverage.

Pricing: Upon Request

Helps you to search for trends and the best time for journalists to be interested in your product. For the PR professionals, this tool helps to know when the best time to pitch is.

Pricing: Free

When clients of both small and big companies are uncertain if Twitter works for them, Twilert may be the perfect tool.

Pricing: From $9/month with a free trial

Notey is a perfect free tool that helps you search for articles, publications and people to target key bloggers, journalists, and blogs on a variety of subjects.

Pricing: Starts at $10 per month with a free trial

Followerwonk mainly explores Twitter platforms for user profiles or their bios for keywords that relate to your business or brand. You can also use some of the relevant features of the software for free in exchange for Twitter information which is a bargain.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per month and also has a free option

It tells your story by writing press releases, launching campaigns, managing contacts, analyzing PR functions, etc. This software takes into consideration that every organization has something unique to offer.

Pricing: Starts from $55 per month exclusive of taxes

This is a question and answer tool where the questions and answers are user-generated. Quora is a good tool to help you search for reporters and influencers as well as perform assessments.

Pricing: Free

The YEC tool enables you to answer individual questions, write, and submit guest posts to be published in various publications.

Pricing: Upon request is a company that provides you with a list of press coverage. The list is just a simple spreadsheet which contains links to their submission page, reach, market, and Twitter. It is most effective to search limited key articles and seek personal approach.

Pricing: Free

Mailroom is a software that provides you with a four-week teaching curriculum to show you how to approach journalists to write about your brand, business, idea, etc.

Today, every PR firm has a LinkedIn page. This tool offers a pool of resources to share materials and press releases. The search engine helps PR professionals to find other experts by name and make relevant connections.

Pricing: Starts at $29.99 per month

Connectifier is a great tool for sourcing email addresses. To begin with, you can visit any of your targets social media handles and this tool searches their profiles to capture the most recent address.

Pricing: Upon request

Canva is a brilliant tool for designing custom images. With this tool, you can begin with their design template and tailor it to suit your company branding. You can also design your company’s images to include to the design.

Pricing: Starts at $12.95 per user per month and there is a free option

Will score your headline quality and rate its ability to result in shares and increase traffic. If your headline is catchy that relates to users, it is more likely your outreach message will receive attention.

Pricing: Starts at $40 per month with a free trial

This software helps you to get better coverage, build stronger relationships, and influencer engagements. With Prezly, you can add all of your digital materials to the story as you create it and it can continually provide updates as the productions run.

MyMediaRoom tool enables you to create, manage, and distribute content through an online media platform.

Pricing: Plans start at $49 per month with free trial

It is an easy to use platform that connects you to journalists, enabling them to give stories the necessary coverage easily and fast.

Pricing: Depends on distribution choice

This software helps you to create content optimized for search engines and share it on social media platforms. It uses landed pages to boost your material and your leads to become delighted customers.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $50 per month

This tool allows bloggers to connect and promote their services through their websites.

Pricing: From £20.00/month

It enables you to identify press opportunities that are key to your business, expertise, and background, and the writers pitch them with customized pitches on your behalf. It allows you to spend less time on PR and focus more on important aspects growing your business.

Pricing: Starts at $79 per month with free trial

CrystalKnows is a Google extension that tells you the best way to communicate with your targets on their unique personality. This software helps you glean some intelligence on the journalist you want to pitch.

Pricing: Free

Google Drive is a great tool. Each document, spreadsheet, presentation, etc. is automatically saved every second. In this case, you don’t have to worry about losing your materials or device crashing. Also, every document can be easily shared with your team.

Pricing: Free. Pay plans start at $1.99 per month

This is a very easy to use tool which also provides a perfect interface. Everything is organized in one box including press clippings and dashboard and is also useful to identify and rank reporters by topic. It lets you search who has written about your competitors, covered your topic or has become an influencer.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $10 per month

Free Press Release is mostly suitable for organizations with restrained budgets. This software allows you to reach your target and maximize publicity. Its submission feature helps you to submit professional press releases by yourself.

Pricing:Free. Paid plans start at $19 per press release

Nimble offers startups and small businesses with the optimal features of top-notch CRM platform combined with the power of social media.

Pricing: From $9 per user/month

Distributes your release to search engines and social media channels within minutes of submission. Your releases will be distributed to hundreds of news sites.

Pricing: Start at $49.99 per release

This tool offer global media news with searchable database and stories that are accessible anytime.

Pricing: Free

Pressfriendly enables you to get press. This tool helps you to get advice on phrasing, how to describe your company or brand to someone who is unfamiliar with it. It also increases response rates by enhancing your pitch.

Pricing: Start at $999 per month

Pressat offers you with news distribution, translation, disclosure services, and media database services.

Pricing: Start at £110 per release

This tool lets you monitor the media sources from across the world to find opportunities and collect coverage.

Pricing: Upon request

Allows you to individually send tailored emails to multiple journalists with keystrokes and then notifies you whether the recipient opened the email and accessed the links. The tool also helps you to store your list and monitor the number of engagements for all recipients.

Pricing: Start at $49 per user per month with free trial

Tomoson allows you to find bloggers interested in doing product reviews.

Pricing: Plans start from $49/month

Poor grammar is a death knell for PR specialists. Consider the reception you receive from a reporter who opens your pitch with grammatical errors. Grammarly helps to flag these mistakes in your digital output even before sending your material.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $29.95 per month

When you are not sure if your email subject line is perfect for your content, SubjectLine comes in handy. Copy and paste the subject into SubjectLine and it will return a score out of 100. This tool allows for one free attempt before you are required to register your details.

Pricing: Free

Most reporters dislike fluffy press releases and over the top content. If you want to stick to relevant facts and avoid clichés, copy and paste your content into Cliché Finder and it will show you your mistakes.

Pricing: Free

This software allows you to compose a press on any electronic device, mobile, laptop, or tablet and converts it into an engaging app where you can share contacts and social media networks.

Pricing: Start at $49 per month with a free trial

Kantar is the parent company to some of the leading research, data and insight companies worldwide. These companies provide a complete view of customers across the world. They cover a wide range of technologies and techniques including purchase and media and forecasting long-term trends.

This tool provides you with a community of writers and bloggers who meet to share ideas, case studies, and get sources for their content. A high quality content is key, Shopstyle’s — “A Focus on Content”

Pricing: Free

This is a dynamic and simple to use tool for any organization. FounderSuite allows you to straighten out your vision for a new brand or business. Also, this tool offers you with a curated set of spreadsheets designed to help start-ups off the ground easily.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $44 per month

70. Augure

It provides you with a breadth of features and options for PR professionals. It enables you to track communication with the media, sending releases and follow-ups, social media monitoring, as well as reporting and metrics services.

Prowly is used to streamline a company’ brand communication strategy. This tool helps you to manage contacts, pitch reporters and bring captivating stories. It is helpful in daily work.

Pricing: Start at $85 per month

Buffer’s Growth Hacking Strategy: “The Power of the Guest Blog”

Guestr helps website owners to attract new and free content from guest bloggers.

Pricing: Free

This is a social media analytics tool that lets you uncover social insights from social data to drive strategy. This platform lets you focus your analysis on those aspects that are vital and ignore those that doesn’t when answering complex business questions.

Pricing: Upon request

This is a simple and flexible email address tool that lets you create reminders and keep track of email conversations.

Pricing: Free package. Paid plans start at $2/month

The Body Coach’s — “Achieving Media Ubiquity and Raising Sales”

This platform enables you to scour for creative photos on the online world and narrowing your search by Google images, Pixabay, etc. It gives priority to images others have used which increases your chances of finding a good image for your post.

Pricing: Start at $5 per month

This is a simple tool that lets you create an amazing presentation, useful on metrics, and its interface helps saves time, possibly days’ worth of your resources and time.

Pricing: Plans start at $99 per month with free trial

Scoro includes features like time management, productivity, and collaboration. It does not allow you to switch between several applications and email clients. The PR management services only permit you to control your work from one place.

Pricing: Start at €19 per user per month with free trial

It offers you an insight into brand mentions and social media amplifications. The campaign tracking and real-time topic feature are used by reporters to monitor keywords, URLs, hashtags among others.

Pricing: Start at $149 per month with free trial

CorpConnect is an information distribution service. It was designed to integrate SharePoint and Office 365.

This is a PR analytical tool that provides PR specialists with the ability to quantify their true business outcome. TrendKite aims to go beyond legacy metrics like mentions, ad equivalency, and readership to provide you with a valid way to attribute effort to real business outcomes.

Pricing: Upon request

It is important for you to know your niches inside and out. You need to stay abreast with what journalists are covering and to read articles to be familiar with what is going on in your industry and competitors. Feedly does just that as it helps you read your beat.

Pricing: Free

This product allows you to search for the best most relevant bloggers. This tool shows the visibility and interactions of a blog and enables you to create a contact list from it.

Pricing: Start at $79 per month with free trial

It manages your business media relationships. Iris offers a personalized experience to your PR professionals thereby increasing productivity.

Pricing: Upon request

After the Deadline uses artificial intelligence as well as natural language processing technology to correct writing errors and offer suitable suggestions. This tool is available on various platforms including WordPress, adds-on, plugins, etc.

Pricing: Free

Vidyard creates an easy to share videos of you explaining a topic through a series of actions on your device. It allows you to monitor who has watched your content if your pitch was received or viewed.

Pricing: Free

It is a free tool you can use to find popular social media feed that is worth following. It makes suggestions for you centered on your preferred topics. In this way, you can keep track of your campaigns across social media network.

Pricing: Free

A simple and clean platform that does work for you. The tool takes the name you provide and tries multiple combinations of emails to identify the one that suitable works for you.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $39 per month

Aims to distribute content at the touch of a button and instantly connecting businesses and brands with reporters within their fields.

It lets you monitor a maximum of five emails each day at no fee. It is easy to measure if a journalist opened your pitch or even how many in your team read your new policy.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $10 per month

This is a Chrome plug-in that allows you to pull social media stats, metrics and contact details. NinjaOutreach Lite lets you find ways to validate authority, ranking metrics, and engagement of a page or influencer.

Pricing: Free

This tool was launched to answer the question, ‘who unfollowed me on Twitter”. Crowdfire has since expanded to include additional features like weeding out inactive users, identifying the right users to follow and monitoring how social media updates affect stats.

Pricing: Upon request

Is designed to tell you the top trending topics for a given brand, industry, country as they happen. This helps you to capitalize on the day’s news and find trending topics your competitors don’t want you to know.

Pricing: Start at $8,400 per year

This is a simple tool that lets you type in a keyword and receive and insight about the most searched question related to the keyword. You can then filter results by popularity, country, type, etc.

Pricing: Free

Seth Godin — Reverse engineer the traditional marketing process. According to Seth, short, precise and always to the point are vital to online marketing.

This platform helps to count words and characters. In addition, it can help you improve word choice and writing style as well as check grammar mistakes and plagiarism. Likewise, it shows you keywords and keyword density of the content being written. This lets you know which keyword you often use and at what percentage.

Pricing: Free

This free tool provides free photos. Pexels boasts of a large collection of photos that you can copy, edit, and distribute them commercially.

Pricing: Free

This platform has millions of active users. Today, every brand, business, and big celebrities are using Twitter. As such, it is an amazing tool to get your content to be noticed.

Pricing: Free

This resource helps you to distribute press releases to maximize presence and awareness.

Pricing: From $49/press release

It enables you to schedule your posts on social media networks and then monitors analytics such as favorites, views, and clicks. In addition, it boasts as having one of the best blogs in the industry.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $10 per month

Buffer Pablo is a relatively new product and is a generated buzz for a reason. This software helps you to create shareable images within seconds.

Pricing: Free

Kred helps influencers and brands to interact with each other to build influencer relationships and improve their level of influence. This tool assigns and ‘influence and outreach scores’ to influencers. If you are identified as being influential in multiple topics, scores are given for each topic as well as an overall network score.

Pricing: Start at $19 per year with free trial

This is an online news tracker system. It offers you with an efficient online news media monitoring with the best technology. It traces news sources continuously from across the world.

Pricing: Free

Basically, the App is everything you would wish about grammar check. It counter-checks for long words, sentences, suggests removing adverbs, and urges deletion of passive sentences.

Pricing: Free

This is a free tool that drops into your inbox several times a day from journalists and influencers looking for content and you can respond to. It is a useful tool for connecting stories with hungry reporters and influencers to give them publicity.

Pricing: Free

Recite provides your quotes with some power by converting them into images. This is helpful for social media channels when you want to capture your users’ attention with a quote intended to be remembered.

Pricing: Free

Passle is a great tool that lets you create an amazing page of your content. It allows you to create videos and images and share it directly with the right targets. This tool also helps you to share content, gather contacts, and collect new ideas from your targets.

Pricing: Upon request

This is a very useful tool that helps your content marketing and PR functions. It is a project management resource that allows you to share updates and developments with your team members. In addition, it monitors everything from the bigger picture to minute details.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $9.99 per user/month

This platform assists you predict emerging trends and also identify future viral even before it happens. It is a useful tool when you are planning campaigns well in advance.

Pricing: Start at $49 per month with free trial

This is one of the best keyword tools on the market. SEMrush enables you to analyze rankings, backlink profiles, ad copy and you can also spy on your competitors.

Pricing: From $99.95 per month

This is the best tool to save you time when managing your social media accounts. The tool has made it possible to create and automated publication planning. Once your calendar of content is developed, the software publishes it automatically.

Pricing: $49/month

Aims to monitor how many times URL has been shared across the social media channels and also checking their engagement.

Pricing: Plans start at $40/month

Toggl is an incredible timer that is simple to use. When using toggl, make sure to include descriptions of what is to be done. At the end of the week, you can trace back at how your time was spent and how much time it has taken for you to develop content, interact with stakeholders.

Pricing: Plans start at $9 per user/month

Provides the optimal times in which you can send emails. Primarily, this tool performs the function of returning your emails when the recipient does not respond and schedules your emails for a specific time, which is useful when targeting those in different time zones.

Pricing: Free plan. Paid plans start from $4.99/month

This resource aims to distribute press releases everywhere to reach journalist, customers and gain online presence.

Pricing: Starts at $30/month

Moz provides you with many free SEO tool and resources. Moz Open Site Explorer lets you find new content and link building opportunities, monitor your site’s profile and gauge comparisons to your competitors for data-driven and targeted link building.

Pricing: Free

This software is mainly used to manage all media and influencer engagements. Vuelio allows your various stakeholders to work more efficiently with one voice and empowers them to build a strong relationship with the media. This ensures that your targets get the right information at the right time.

Pricing: Upon request

Consider that you must open 50 tabs each day. OneTab software allows you to condense all tabbed windows into one window with clickable hyperlinks so that you can reopen when needed.

Pricing: Free

HootSuite is regarded as a familiar tool to anyone in the PR function. Companies that handle several social media networks for their clients, HootSuite is the absolute godsend. The software integrates all social media handles giving you the ability to schedule posts when you ‘like’.

Pricing: Plans start at $19/month with free trial

This is an outreach tool that delivers automated follow-up and intelligent templates to offer users with more customized outreach options.

Pricing: From $195/month

This is a free online press release distribution and submission service

Pricing: Free

Tailwind helps you to integrate Instagram and Pinterest. This tool lets you schedule updates and you can also use it to research the most suitable time for your posts to go live based on when your subscribers are most active.

Pricing: Plans start at $9.99/month with free trial

Articlecube covers many categories including tech, home, business, health among others. Your article need not be a typical press release. You can write and informative article where you can mention your business.

Pricing: Free

Beegit is a suitable platform when you are working with a larger team. This tool helps you to seamlessly collaborate on work.

Pricing: Plans start from $79/month with free trial

This product focuses on building strong relationships. An easy to use blogger outreach platform was designed to help streamline communication with your stakeholders.

Pricing: Free

PRstack is a growing directory of tools mapped against workflow. It allows you to browse tools by type or goal. You can also set up alerts so that you don’t have to remember to check whether new tools have been added.

Pricing: Free

Adobe Spark assists you to create graphics, images, videos, and stories. It features a wide range of templates that you can customize the content you want, whether you plan to on social media platforms, includes it in a post or adds it to your website.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $9.99/month

This tool allows you to create a digital newsroom and distribute press releases to media outlets, search engines, and social media networks.

Pricing: Upon request

A well-designed email pitch incorporating links, pictures, and videos can capture a journalist’s attention. The forever free plan allows you to send at least 10,000 emails monthly for free. The template can also be tailored to fit your clients brand and keep track of who opens your email.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $10/month

It lets you find which users share your content online, when and how often. Zapier is useful in reaching out to appreciate users and building new relationships so that they act as brand influencers.

Pricing: Free option. Paid plans start at $20/month with free trial

Trackur software seeks to monitor social media channels as well as keeping track of news and blogs. The free plan offers limited searches and does not come with Facebook or the monitoring forum.

Pricing: From $97/month with free trial

This is a social media monitoring platform that allows you to collect insights from the public.

Pricing: Upon request

This tool informs you when and if a recipient has seen your message. The data should be used for good by sending follow-ups if you think your email fell through the cracks.

Pricing: Upon request

Helps you to create your own online surveys easily and quickly. You can use it on your client’s behalf and create a quick survey to collect feedback from clients on your performance.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start from $35/month

PRmax Press Office provides you with media database, email and SEO press release distribution, engagement logging, and tracking solutions.

Pricing: From Euro 108/month with free trial

It provides a collection of soothing sounds to get you in a good mood for writing. Also, it allows you to mix up and combine sounds.

Pricing: Paid app with upgrades

Klear is a useful tool for finding reporters and influencer in relation to topics, keywords, and industries with an added feature for refining searches by skill and location. It is based on Twitter influencers and if you pay, Instagram influencer are included.

Pricing: Free. Paid plan start at $250/month

This platform allows you to check where you stand with the search engines. You can easily check your backlinks, find out where you position yourself for specific SEO keywords and find out your keyword density of your content.

Pricing: Free

It is a tool for growing your influence and expanding your social media ‘klout’. This is a great tool for discovering influencers in relation to topics, keywords, and industry. Klout also allows you to post and schedule content to several social media networks within the platform.

Pricing: Upon request

There are a number of ways to identify how many tweets your content has received or even how many times a content is shredded on Facebook, however, how about the other social media channels and how to share their content? ShareTally comes in handy to provide you with an insight into how each URL is being distributed on online platforms.

Pricing: Upon request

It easily creates a to-do list and saves ideas in one place which helps to organize thoughts and tasks during the content development process.

Pricing: Plans start at $34.99/year

Bottom Line

With these PR tools, you will be able to search and identify reporters and influencers worthy of pursuing as part of your PR outreach campaigns. Affordable and constant press attention is a result of the most consistent efforts all year round. Don’t just seek press focus when launching a product, make it your lifestyle. Purpose to always be in the news for all the right reasons.

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