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The Game Reaching Out To Crypto and Cat lovers Through Tokens and Eth Rewards — Pressfarm

In our startup stories this week, we discuss with Ola, the Founder of KittieFight, an Ethereum-Cryptokitties crowd-driven, real-time fighting Dapp game.


“Kittiefight came about as a result of recognizing a unique opportunity to add value within the Cryptokitties community as well as identifying some of the issues Cryptokitties users face,” says Ola. “For example, we saw that so many users wanted to play and keep breeding NFT cats (non-fungible token cats) and couldn’t afford to keep doing so. Innately only a few are smart or lucky enough to make good money from breeding kittens, so we decided to add another opportunity for every user to earn from any ca or kitten they own.”


The startup’s main focus is to increase the valuation of each token, there are a total of 100 million utility tokens that will never change in number. The value of each token is supposed to increase with the increased usage or utility of the token in fees payments i.e for fight scheduling and for redeeming loosing cats.


The company has a niche that is quite specific. However, they have a plan to get the users who are not only passionate about cats but also love the crypto market.


The company has bootstrapped its way all through to this point in their startup but it now will be raising additional funding for KittieFight endowment smart contract fund, which will automatically fund the “honeypots” for the cat fight sessions that are scheduled via smart contracts.


The game keeps users engaged by using rewards as an incentive and Ola maintains that this is a long-term strategy and the rewards run throughout the lifetime of the game.


“We are economically empowering users of the cryptokitties platform with rewards in the form of eth and tokens and well as cutting down on the oversupply of non-fungible cats/kitties on the cryptokitties platform,” he notes. “We are also making Blockchain games more mainstream.”


By continuous incentives on fights and fight fans participation with eth in KittieFight dapp game, the company expects to see unlimited growth of the KittieFight utility token valuation, since the token will always be required for scheduling cat fights and to redeem any losing kitties. Therefore you can expect KittieFight project to continue to prop up the cryptokitties platform.

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