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8 min readJul 20, 2020

At this moment, SEO and PR are almost exclusively linked because the most important SEO factors are backlinks and content which are the natural outputs of PR. A mistake that companies don’t realize they are doing is approaching SEO and PR as two separate things. Because of that, it can reduce the effectiveness of both activities and it can also increase the costs when managed as separate entities. It is definitely possible to create a combined SEO PR strategy to increase effectiveness and while minimizing on costs.

This guide will help your business understand how to build an SEO PR strategy, the factors that we will look at are:

  • How to create a combined PR & SEO content strategy
  • Guest posting for SEO
  • How to win press mentions with backlinks
  • When and how to syndicate content
  • How press releases can (and can’t) benefit SEO

How are PR & SEO linked?

The question that you may have or are curious about before we dive into the different factors of combined PR & SEO strategy is: how are they both linked?

One of the most important parts of SEO is backlinks. You need to get the right type of backlinks preferably from high authority sites that are within your niche. In relation to PR, the whole point of digital PR is to get media coverage in online publications. That is where backlinks come in. When you get media coverage through PR, the article will usually have a backlink to your site.

Content is obviously very important in this case because if you want to rank for as many positive keywords, you need to create organic traffic through high quality content in order to win earned media. Because of this, you can be efficient and get more value out of combining your SEO and PR content efforts.

It is important that what users find when they are searching for your brand name is a positive one. It is always about first impressions when you want people to engage in your brand. You need to focus on all aspects of PR rather than just your website and social profiles. They also want to see that your brand has been mentioned on high authority websites like directories and


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