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8 min readDec 20, 2019

Why would you rent somewhere when you can travel, explore and earn a handsome income at the same time? A few decades ago, it might have sounded like a crazy idea, but of course, not today. In any case, many entrepreneurs are now following their passion and roaming the world in the process.

Believe it or not, Tim Ferriss is largely responsible for the rapid growth of the digital nomad scene but this is still early days for the digital nomad startup scene.

In fact, the CEO of Critix recently stated that 50% of the workforce would become remote by 2020. For this reason, entrepreneurs running startups or working as digital nomads will face greater competition in their chosen field.

With this in mind, digital nomads will need to work smarter to strengthen their place in the market and the Tim Ferriss definitive guide to growing a startup for digital nomads will be an invaluable resource for those wanting to stay ahead of the competition.

Tim Ferriss on the Journey from Entrepreneur to Digital Startup Success

Modern digital entrepreneurs aim to achieve the same initial success as Tim Ferriss. But there are many reasons a startup might fall flat and to achieve greater success, you have to make the most of certain tactics and techniques.

Tim Ferriss uses his show and podcasts about his path to success to help guide and advise other digital nomads and entrepreneurs.

In one of his podcasts about creative optimization with Chase Jarvis, Tim and Chase shared their experiences about creativity and efficiency. At one point, Jarvis asked Ferriss “Did you realize it would have been this ideal … when you initially began your mega-successful podcast?

But Ferriss refuted this notion and said that his passion was the only reason for getting started. For this reasons, he believes that passion becomes the main driver for success.

On the other hand, this limitless exposure and liberty of decision making can lead to irrational decisions. You see, digital nomads often become a part of the wild goose chase in terms of success and many beginners are not practical in…


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