Ultimate Guide to Build a Pitch Deck to Get Funding — Pressfarm

  1. What is a pitch deck?
  2. How to write a pitch deck
  3. The presentation

One of the ways to improve your pitch deck is to show proof of publicity. When you receive media coverage, it adds onto your credibility as a company. At Pressfarm we work with early stage startups, established startups and businesses to get them media coverage through our affordable PR agency services. Once they get press coverage, they are able to add that into the pitch deck as social proof of publicity and interest from the media. Talk to us for your needs today!

What is a pitch deck?

How to write a pitch deck

1) Customize your pitch

2) Prepare multiple documents that tell your company’s story

3) Verify investors before sending them confidential information

4) Make sure to visually represent your brand identity and keep it concise

The presentation

Keep your pitch deck concise and tell a story

Represent your team

Don’t forget to say what your company is actually doing — elevator pitch

Outline both your grand vision and your concrete execution

Address the market landscape and competition

Explain why now is the best time to launch your business

Specify how you’re going to spend the money you raise

Highlight your plans for growth

Tweak the deck based on the feedback you get from each investor



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