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Along with the social media marketing and content marketing, websites play a role in bringing out your product to the consumers in an effective way. They are a means of generating meaningful PR.

The effective ways in which you can grow your SAAS business or any other one would define the success of your startup ahead.

The direction in which you can make your website known depends on your SEO strategies. These strategies not only surface your website in the search giants such as Google; but also give the consumers a way of interacting with you. It also helps to find new customers for your business.

1. Choose a niche

If your website is about a single niche of products, then it also makes it easy for you to draft them for the journalists while pitching for good PR.

To know what your website should be about, a little keyword research through tools such as Google Trends, Adwords, Google Insight and many more third-party research tools can be helpful. They can let you know about the trends that are prevailing in the market.

No matter what the trends are, sometimes it entirely depends on your taste and your inclinations. A proper analysis and research that can combine both of your interest and the trend can result in helping you chose the right niche.

2. Place keywords rightly

Searching for keywords is one thing but placing them right is more important. It is this placing that lets the algorithms of search engines to know your website, the content in it, and its relevance to the searches.

If we look technically at it, the keywords are to be placed in URL, domain name, early in the page, titles, categories and the content itself. In content, it should be a part of meta tags, the headings, and the start and end of — for example — an article.

This could be one of the new trends in getting modern PRs!

3. Link to pages

Linking and cross-linking the pages of a website through anchor text can be a great way of engaging the visitors and in turn, increasing the inflow.

Linking your most important pages to your home can have an effect of pulling the least important pages up to the surface with itself. Or, placing links to your previous articles in a relative topic can also serve the purpose. However, in doing so, you should be careful enough not to link unthinkably. It requires great attention to know the right places where previous articles can be quoted.

4. Make your permalinks pretty

There are some websites that use numbers to name their pages in the permalink. This is not advised. Nobody likes them because they are like the address of a place that they don’t understand.

Instead, to create something alluring, include keywords and other words that can:

  1. Best describe your page, where the visitor is, and where he or she can get to next.
  2. Grab attention. Catchy phrases formulated out of the keywords can do that trick in no time.

5. A slow website has a high bounce rate

Have you ever visited a website that gives you the feeling of opening a thick book? If you have then you must have left it immediately because of “still loading”.

This is one of the reasons why visitors leave a webpage before they even see what’s there. Nobody has the time to wait for infinite loading, or, unnecessary media playing in the background.

Therefore, to increase the loading speed of your webpage, remove all the unnecessary jargon that is causing it to slow down. That jargon could be large images, flash graphics and unimportant plugins.

6. Optimize your images

It is vital for the SEO of your website to have the images in its content optimized. That could be done by including the keywords in the image title, description, and attributes. They should all be optimized. If any title of any image on your website does not contain the relative keywords, you should edit it to rewrite it.

Setting the right image title can also be useful when those images become part of an email for email marketing.

7. Link externally

Linking externally can increase your trust rate with the Google. This is how the authority of a website can be increased.

Trust rates are essential if you want to rank higher. There are many ways to include the links to the content of other websites: The external websites can be liked as “Read Further”, link lists or resource pages.

The outbound links generated in this way are important even for the other website owner to know about you. In the long run, he or she could link to your blog posts as well, and that could be a win-win situation for you.

8. Keep updating

Do you know why the likes of Wikipedia rank so high in Google? Simply because their content is updated every now and then. The content is always rejuvenated every time you edit it. The same keywords and the ones added anew make the content more relevant, and thus, the search engines bring it to the top of the organic searches.

9. Ensure your pages are crawled

Not by a spider, of course, but by a search engine. Some search engines directly add your website to their pool while others don’t.

If your website is in the latter then add the engines manually. A website that isn’t crawled is the one that stays under the heaps of unknown. Therefore, you should find out if it is in the search engines.

10. Link your website to another website

This can be done through asking the owner but that is ineffective sometimes. What you can try is writing guest posts on their websites. A good copy that includes information about your product can be a useful link.

This way you can get linked!

Ranking a website is important in attracting more customers for a good PR. However, no matter how much you optimize your website, the ways through which you can have your story told to the masses are essential. For that purpose, Press Farm is a destination where you can generate thousands of links with journalists that do the same job of making your startup known. The writing of reputable journalists is still valued and therefore, having them write about you can be very fruitful indeed. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them now!

Originally published at press.farm on January 18, 2018.




Find journalists to write about your startup. Saves the hassle of having to track down press. Go to press.farm

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Find journalists to write about your startup. Saves the hassle of having to track down press. Go to press.farm

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