With people becoming more visual and fast-paced, podcasts are becoming one of the most popular mediums for obtaining information. Before 2013, podcasts were that grey area that startups and podcasts may or may not have used to relay information to the public. However, they are now becoming the leading platform for unregulated, uncensored conversation.

Because there is an upward trend of dedicated listenership, podcasts help the people who dedicate themselves to creating content through the platform, but it is also the best way for startups to reach their target market through them.

In this article, we will look at:

For companies and startups to succeed, they need to have a successful PR strategy. However, the path to securing positive public perception is a long process. When it comes to PR, it is crucial to understand the project/client’s PR goals and create a strategy that serves the purpose. …

Credibility is a key ingredient in the success of any cybersecurity startup. You attract loyal customers and business partners because they trust in your brand. Given the right PR strategy, it’s possible to build a cybersecurity brand which people trust.

What makes cybersecurity PR different?

Cybersecurity PR is different because the industry faces a unique set of challenges. For this reason, the PR strategy you develop should address these challenges.

Most cybersecurity startups face two main challenges:

a) Communicating the importance of cybersecurity

Since cybersecurity is a technical field, so communicating with clients can be challenging. It’s easy to make the mistake of using jargon, therefore alienating clients who don’t understand…

When you first start your company, you want to grow it. You want to get results as quickly as you possibly can. However, like everything that you need to work at, it takes time. You may not have the revenue to create exposure for your business, but once you learn how to pitch, things will work out in an effective way.

In this guide, we will go into detail about:

  • Key components of writing an email pitch
  • How to write a cold email

What is a cold email?

You’ve got to start somewhere right? Even though they are widely discouraged…

When you start a business, it can be nerve-wracking and hard but when you present your pitch it needs to be eloquent, concise and have a great design. It is important to understand when the best time to launch your business is and how to explain what your company does.

Make sure that your pitch is perfect because investors are using it continuously to evaluate your company’s potential so it is important that you make a good impression. …

At this moment, SEO and PR are almost exclusively linked because the most important SEO factors are backlinks and content which are the natural outputs of PR. A mistake that companies don’t realize they are doing is approaching SEO and PR as two separate things. Because of that, it can reduce the effectiveness of both activities and it can also increase the costs when managed as separate entities. It is definitely possible to create a combined SEO PR strategy to increase effectiveness and while minimizing on costs.

This guide will help your business understand how to build an SEO PR…

Public relations is usually either oversimplified or overcomplicated, meaning that people often assume it’s either based on a sole objective or too abstract for them to figure out.

In this guide, I will break down the process of building a great PR strategy for any tech startup. To create a successful PR strategy, one should consider the following factors:

  • What can tech PR accomplish?
  • When should you start investing in PR?
  • How does one create a tech PR strategy?
  • What types of tech PR exist?

What is tech PR?

PR is the process of building a relatable public image of…

“Our methodology looks at the skills a student should acquire from a role-based perspective,” Beyondskills founder Davide Carmeci says. “We analyze the job description for each role and define the standard requirements that hiring managers expect to find in their job candidates. Our instructors then build their syllabi with those requirements in mind, developing courses that will prepare students to be effective workers from day one.”

A shortage of talent in the blockchain market

In this era of technological development, more employers are looking for employees with blockchain skills. While more organizations commit to blockchain technology, there is a shortage of talent in the market. …

For the layman, ROI (Return on investment) is a way to measure and evaluate the efficiency of an investment. It can be difficult to calculate ROIe, so this guide will show the best ways to measure it and how to use it in your digital PR strategy.

In this article we will discuss:

  1. ROI for PR today
  2. How to measure PR ROI
  3. How are we measure ROI?
  4. How to track ROI long term

Remember, with Pressfarm, you get various services that cater towards your needs in PR. From media lists to media outreach, media kits, email pitch guides, press releases and directory submissions; Pressfarm’s affordable startup-focused PR services will come in handy.

What is ROI in PR?

It is important to understand that ROI in PR and marketing is generally split into two categories; monetary gains like sales revenue…

When people decide to purchase a watch, they want it to last because for any one out there that has bought one for themselves or as a gift, they can be very pricey. That is where Chotovelli & Figli comes in.

It all started in the late 1920s with Simone Chotovelli, the first Chotovelli watchmaker. He was well known for his craftsmanship in repairing and restoring old mechanical and automatic movements and from there, his family followed in his footsteps. …


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